Thursday, May 24, 2012

April showers bring May FLOWERS

I have now decided that I absolutely LOVE planting flowers! It is so much fun! A few days ago my mom and I went and purchased some flowers to put in our flower garden. We have never actually planted anything in our flower bed so it kind of turned into a sand box. I came up with an idea that while mom was gone in Montana, Reece and I could plant some flowers during one of the long days at home! And that we did! Reece is a professional garderner now! :)

Here are some of the pretty flowers we planted

I just love all the colors and the difference of all the flowers!

This is Reece "breaking the ground"
He called it

The gardens first planted flower:

Lord, help these hands to be used for 
good services

And Lastly, 
The Final Products 
(Section one)

Section two

And last but not least
section 3

Roo and me had so much fun doing this and RIGHT when we finished (we were still putting the last flower in) and it started raining!
Perfect timing!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playing Mama For A Day... Or 3 :)

I finished school a week early that way I could watch the kids so my mom could go visit Lashae, see Lashae's ultra sound, and also bring my dad truck home that Lashae and Chaney were borrowing. I was thrilled at the idea when my mom first presented it because I am not a big fan of school. I kind of wanted to finish a little early in the beginning of the semester but didn't have very much motivation. After it was a settled plan I jumped on my school work and even got to finish a week and a half early! Reece doesn't like that I had to go to school everyday so when I told him that I was done this is the face he gave me....
This week was supposed to be my last week of school. But instead I am playing mommy while my mommy and youngest sister are gone.... :)

Moo wanted to be sure mom didn't for get her 
while she was packing last night
I knew going into this, that being a mom was difficult, especially with how many kids my mom has. BUT I did not realize how difficult it actually is! And I have only been pretending for the past 10 hours! I don't even have to do half the stuff my mom does when she is home... So I am very appreciative of how much she does!
Today is day one... and...
I got the kids out to the car on time for school. It was slightly stressful (for me more then the kids) but we did it!
Then Reece and I went to my moms bible study where I babysit in the nursery every Wednesday. That felt just like normal... until lunch time. When instead of going out like my mom and I do every Wednesday I had to make Reece and me food. (which was fine! Just different)
We then cleaned the kitchen together (which again my mom usually does)
The kids got home earlier than usual from school since today was early release and that threw my mind for a loop again (even though my mom warned me in advance) 
I must have been doing something right though! and  not so right all at the same time because the kids hit the books right away and even got all A's and B's on their state and capital tests (that was what I did correctly) 
But apparently at the same time that I was proud of myself for getting them to do their homework I turned around and things with Reece went haywire!!! (a funny haywire)
He apparently thought that since Maezie's high chair was vacant then it needed a "baby" to occupy it... And he sat his little booty down in her chair and in a baby voice began chanting "dada dada!!! Mama! Mama! Waaaaa"

To say the least, I am extremely thankful for an AMAZING mom for doing all the things she does! I am also extremely thankful for getting school done early that way I can have fun experiences like this... and make fun blog posts too! 
I even get to play tooth fairy tonight! :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Count down!!!!

Dear followers, I am sorry that I have been such a bad blogger. I have been very busy with school, my wonderful family, sports, friends, and all the other crazy things life brings. But I am going to try and be better!!! :) 
So lately I have had a LOT of things that I am counting down for! We thought that this would be the summer that we get to relax a little bit but NOPE we are as busy as ever! and I LOVE it!!! SO I thought I would share all of our exciting things and how many days until then!!! :) And as they come I will give updates on them that way I have to blog!!! :) (I am going to include pictures because I rarely read things with out pictures!)
The first thing that I have been counting down for is the number of days left of school. School and I do not get along very well so I am SOOOOO looking forward to our break from each other. There is nothing I love more then to wear my swim suit all day ever day and i only get that oppurtunity in the summers! I LOVE riding my horses every day, and swimming, and biking, and running with my dog! So I only have 15 school days left. I am finishing a week early too! So I am sooooooo close to my favorite time of year!
(I am almost able to do this again in 15 school days!!!!!)

As I mentioned before I am finishing a week early that way my mom can fly up to Montana and see Lashae!!! None of us have seen her since February and it has been very hard especially for my mom. I have missed Lashae incredibly a lot but I had the opportunity to drive up there with her at the end of Feb. and help her pack before she moved. So even though I am jealous I am extremely happy mom gets to go up there to see her! The day my mom gets there Lashae is scheduled to have an ultra sound so my mom can see her first grand baby!!! :) So there is only 24 days left until they get to be together!!! :) 
(Only 24 days until my mom can hug her oldest)
(and only 24 days until Lashae can love on Moo)

Then after that I get to see Lashae!!! I have been missing her and Chaney SOOOOO much!!! Ever since the first time I went to Montana I have adopted myself into there family! So in about 27-28 days I get to see my sister!!! :) 
(Yes, I freak her out! But she loves me!!!)

It has been since my oldest cousin gradutaed that my moms whole side of the family has been together. We have had several additions to the family since then and I am SOOOOO looking forward to see all of them! They are all coming to Oregon to celebrate for Kole's graduation. I think they are coming about a day or two early so it will be in about 39 days until I get to see ALL of my cousins. 

           (39 days until we can take a full family picture like this and we have added a lot of kids since this picture was taken so it shall be much larger!)

Next we only have 40 days until Kole Graduates from high school and continues his education at the University of Texas. Home of the long horns. We are all SOOOO excited for Kole but we are going to miss him sooo much! 
(Only 40 days until Kole can claim himself as a long horn)

The last time we had a "shower" of gifts for Lashae was when she was she was getting married. That was only last summer! Now we are going to shower her with gifts again and have a baby shower! We are going to have it so that all the Aunties, grandma's, sisters, and cousins can attend. We will have that 2 days after Kole's graduation! So in 42 days!!!
       (42 days until we can celebrate Lashae being pregnant together as a family!)

(Just a warning I did not proof read this blog post. I am sure there are 1000 mistakes but I don't have anyone grading it so I just wanted to post as is!!! :) Sorry if it makes no since!!!)
I have SOOOOOO many things that I am looking forward to! Even though I am SO happy with the everyday life I can't help but look forward to whats coming up! I am going to try my hardest to keep this blog updated with all the up coming events but I forget! hahahaha! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello New Year, Goodbye Old

So obviously its a new year and it is fun to recap and remember what happened in the past. In 2011 SO many memories were made, many additions were added, and a few things taken away. But it all is good and God is constantly blessing me and my family. :) So here is a little recap of 2011.
To kick off 2011 in Feb. my parents found out they were headed to Africa to have a court date with my sister but they also found out that they were pregnant with my baby sister.

Then not to long after in March we welcomed Esther home to be in our family forever! (this is the team that brought my sister home)
In April Lashae and Chaney got engaged!

Then in July I got to go to Montana and see where Lashae and Chaney would live when they got married SO much fun!
And only weeks later Lashae and Chaney got married!
In August we loaded the car with the dog and all and headed to Montana to see Chaney and Lashae and where they lived. We had a blast and mom and dad felt even more at ease at seeing where she lived. 

Then again only a few weeks later in September Lashae flew down so she could see the birth of Miss Maezie Ann-Grace
In November we loaded the Suburban again and headed to Montana (We left the dog this time) that we could have Thanksgiving all together and man was it fun!
Sadly on this computer I don't have any pictures but we went sledding, we ate A LOT we prayed and man did we LAUGH!
In December Reece turned 4 and we had a good Christmas and a good relaxed New year! 

And here are a few randoms :)

 And finally the whole wonderful family!