Thursday, May 24, 2012

April showers bring May FLOWERS

I have now decided that I absolutely LOVE planting flowers! It is so much fun! A few days ago my mom and I went and purchased some flowers to put in our flower garden. We have never actually planted anything in our flower bed so it kind of turned into a sand box. I came up with an idea that while mom was gone in Montana, Reece and I could plant some flowers during one of the long days at home! And that we did! Reece is a professional garderner now! :)

Here are some of the pretty flowers we planted

I just love all the colors and the difference of all the flowers!

This is Reece "breaking the ground"
He called it

The gardens first planted flower:

Lord, help these hands to be used for 
good services

And Lastly, 
The Final Products 
(Section one)

Section two

And last but not least
section 3

Roo and me had so much fun doing this and RIGHT when we finished (we were still putting the last flower in) and it started raining!
Perfect timing!

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marlece said...

good job chars, really proud of you darling, an way to keep roo entertained and having fun at the same time, looks great!